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New 180m long range LiDAR for drones/UAV/copter precision landing - Benewake TF03


(Siya Liu) #1

Hi, Ardupilot friends, hope this info helps you for your drones/UAV/copters

The Benewake new long range LiDAR TF03 is released for drones/UAV/copters Precision Landing, Anti-collision, Altitude Holding, Terrain Following, etc.

The TF03 is compatible with Ardupilot, and works with IRLOCK precision landing system, welcome to test it and add your questions, comments here : )

TF03 datasheet:
TF03 Datasheet V0.4 EN.pdf (997.0 KB)

TF03 info on Ardupilot partner IRLOCK store:

(Kinven Zote) #2

Does it work well on snow day?

(Siya Liu) #3

Yes, TF03 performs normally during snowy days. If the laser beam hits the snowflake, there may be wrong data, but the TF03 supports 1000Hz high detection frequency, so there are sufficient data to get rid of this wrong data to make sure the TF03 works without problem.

(Daye Lee) #4

I purchased a TF03 for several days. At first I don’t know how to integrate it with my Pixhawk.
But when I read manual carefully, and compared with TF02 manual. I found the frame headers are same, starting with 0x59 0x59. So I apply the protocol of TF02 to TF03. Fortunately, it gave me distance readings.

The reading looks like more stable and accurate than TF02, with a further detection range.

(Pat Branch) #5

Will it detect power lines at 180 m?

(Siya Liu) #6

Thank you for the question. It will be a little hard for TF03 to detect slim objects like power line because TF03 is single point LiDAR. The light spot size in 150m is 150cm*42cm, if the spot shot directly to the power line, then TF03 can detect it, if the spot is not on the power line, it will miss it. May be CE30-D solid state LiDAR with FOV 60X4degree can be a better choice, but its range is 30m. : )