Needing Help with Ardu

OK been through a lot now when arming with transmitter I get a:

Radio Failsafe disarming, error? Thoughts?

And your radio calibration was fine?

Found my lost two batt line items, apparently checked boxes in right column that moved them to the top. Settings are at

Max 4.2 X 4 cells = 16.8 min 3.3 X 4 = 13.2

Warning reads: battery at 6.43 volt 0 percent. I know my battery is at 16 volts re external battery meter?

How did that happen. Did you perform the motor test in Mission Planner?

After my mishap a few days ago I was wondering if I could get a file emailed of your config file so I can compare mine? Obviously I have something set wrong.

Sure. I can post mine shortly. For a hex right?

Hi, how did you set up your propeller directions on Daya H4 680?
Did you use front right CCW or front right CW?

I would try X for that frame. H is for front/back motors on a common boom, that frame is just an elongated X I would say.