Need to slow down yaw speed

I am having trouble finding a proper setting to slow down the yaw speed on my copter. I built a Daya 680 frame with 400kv motors, 15" props, and a Pixhawk 2.1. She flies great except for the yaw speed. I mean I barely touch the sticks and she spins. I want this bird to be a slow camera ship. I’m afraid to attach a gimbal because she spins so fast. How can I slow the yaw speed. I almost always fly in AltHold, or Loiter. Thank you!

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Run the yaw autotune and add expo to the transmitter yaw stick, start with +30% and see how it goes.

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I think you can try to change:
acro_yaw_p in parametres
and make it lower

Thank you for the reply. After viewing videos and reading, that seems like it may do the trick. I’ll test tomorrow morning.

That worked! I just adjusted the Expo on the Yaw stick to 30% and it slowed and smoothed everything out. Thank you!

That worked! Thank you for helping out a Taranis+/Arducopter beginner!

why there is no parameter acro_yaw_p in my MP?

Because you are looking at 5 year old info. See here for a little more recent discussion on yaw tuning.