Need Suggestion for Vtx

Hi All

The query is, I have made an Octocopter with payload of at least 3kgs in worst case scenario with best possible material but with a poor video transmission system. The video feed on my GCS is so poor that it’s hard to identify between a cow and a two wheeler from 20 meter height. The camera is SJCAM Legend 6 which is one of the very best as per standards but the VTx seems the culprit here. Its TS5828 Mini 48CH 600MW cheap Vtx AND RC832 AV Wireless Receiver - 5.8G VRx just capable to send and receive live feed.

What I want?

  • The best possible video transmission system capable to transmit 1080p video. Latency and price is not a concern here.

How much I searched?

  • Market is full of FPV category VTx. Available HD transmitters are from china on ali express and am not willing to bet on them. Professional grade transmitter for DSLRs and Video camera are very restricted with 300-400ft range.

I request the readers to please suggest good VTx fulfilling my needs. And the Flight controller is Pixhawk 4 mini.


As it happens I’ve been doing once again some more testing in that regards as well.
One of the problems I’ve found is the video decoder in QGC is much slower than in MP (gstreamer).
So no matter how good your tx is the bottleneck can be down to software and or hardware on the ground-station end as well.

There appears a lot of interest in the SIYI HM 30 which has just recently gained FCC approval in the US.

But have to admit I have not tested this unit as I currently use 3G/4G connectivity instead.

@Karl_Schoelpple Thank you, Karl, for introducing SIYI systems.

Despite my background as a representative of SIYI, I still want to say that the HM30 system is the best option for @BahadurBille 's project.

First of all, it is a commercial link system being on market for almost two years with probably over 30,000 sales, integrated to two different type of systems, MK15 Smart Controller and HM30 Image Transmission System, very stable performance now.

It is an all in one link for RC control, telemetry, and image transmission, featuring for long range but it is remarkable for close range performance and anti-interference ability.

With an air unit converter you have 720p video stream input from any DSLR camera directly. You can also easily output it to mobile phone through WiFi or to PC through LAN port on ground unit. Or to an HDMI monitor through an additional converter. The overall latency can be around 130 to 180 ms.

Moreover, the link of HM30 system can be regarded as a completely transparent link to be compatible with any possible protocols. Usually customers connect it to an onboard computer and make it communicate with ground computer in this way.

There many examples using the system posting in the discussion or on YouTube and there will be more. Welcome to have a check and please feel free to ask anything in the main discussion.

Support and service are guaranteed by SIYI.

I have noticed that both the HM30 and MK15 have gained the FCC approval in the US.
Is the MK15 approved for Australia also ?
What about the AK28 ? Have not seen any approval related information for this model.

Unfortunately we haven’t got any system approved for Australia. It costs a lot for radio equipment to get any approval.
The AK28 is an old model released in 2019. The video link is standard quality, we would suggest new models like MK15 and HM30 for market now.

Thanks for the fast reply.
I believe in some circumstances the Australian Authority (ACMA) will accept test reports/results from other countries.
Perhaps you could simply ask them if they are willing to accept the FCC test results?
…in that way would open the Australian market as well to your products without all the extra cost for you.

Thanks a ton @Karl_Schoelpple for filtering out my search. This would definitely help me completing my project.
Let me check Youtube and your posts for more information on Siyi products.