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Need some answers!

So i was trying to integrate a Bluetooth speaker under my custom build for a project. it was arming before I get to the field where i was unable to arm it. so is it bcz of the interference from magnetics present inside the speaker or something else and will this problem occurs with all speakers bcz i saw some attachment for drone loudspeakers
I need some suggestions.

What does Mission Planner report as the reason for it not arming?

It says error compass variance.

How many compass’s do you have active? Post your parameter file perhaps there is something to be seen. But yes, I would think the magnetic interference from a speaker would cause a problem.

Dose Mu metal foil or FERRITE SHEET actually work to reduce the interference ? or guys have any other suggestions ?

so i was testing with some interference with GPS it is confirmed that it is caused by the magnet from the speaker but i am confused with one thing ones the speaker is away and i power on the drone it show good GPS strength but after taking the speaker closer to the GPS module it interfere and i got bad compass health warning but after taking the speaker away the warning is still there and its still there after restarting the pix hawk so is this common that i have to re calibrate the compass after i get bad compass warning.

I think you can move Mag to better place on copter.
Or try RM3100 Mag. It handles Mag field better. But surely you can reposition the Mag from current position.

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So i need to use this along side with the main gps module.


You can use it alone side. But did you try to reposition your current mag and check?

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