Need info about Rover config on a boat (ASV)

Hi, I’m building an ASV. It’s made of two bluerobotic thruster in diferential mode. With their ESC I can go forward and backward. Where do I find information about configuring ArduRob for that kind of boat?
What about Loiter function? is it working on rover/boat? I will need to put the boat on hold position for some mission, is that suported?


Loiter is implemented and working and you can put a boat into hold position. When you say differential mode I think we refer to it as skid steering. The new Rover BETA has changed how it operates and makes it much easier. Information can be found at the bottom of these release notes

Thanks, Grant.

What a wanderfull news!!!
I’m almost finish my boat and will start to mount electronics on a few weeks, it’s really nice to see that you are working on boat firmware!

Hi @elgarbe, how did you go with this? I have used 2 Blue Robtics thrusters like yourself in a Skid Steering setup (no Rudder).
Did you get this going or are you still trying to configure the setup?

I could test my boat with my own electronic. I’m waiting for my pixhawk to arraibe. I have to get it on the next week and will start working on it.
This was my pool test.

can you share your project?

I think what you need to do is setup and Ardurover for Skid Steering - here’s the link

Look to the bottom of the page with the Skid Steering wiring and parameters

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