Need help with Status LED on FC

We have cloned revo-mini FC and build a custom PCB with almost same schematic but in our case there is one little problem, PB5 LED_BLUE OUTPUT LOW GPIO(0), this statement in hwdef keeping the led constantly on, it is not blinking like status led should blink, can anyone please help in identifying what possibly going wrong here ?

Thats the schematic of revo-mini-
Revolution_Schematic.pdf (498.4 KB)

That’s what we tried (our custom FC)-
f405.pdf (125.1 KB)

and thats our custom hwdef.dat file for our custom board-
hwdef.txt (2.6 KB)

There is no other issues other than this, i have successfully flashed ardupilot and it is working well, i would like to get suggestions if there seems any kind of mistakes in the schematic and what improvements can be made

I am not getting why GPIO output is always low on PB5 pin, but on other boards its toggling as it suppose to when firmware is running


Did you (unintentionally) commented it out?
see screen shot below: Your “hwdef.txt” is shown right:

There is no led on PB6, leds on PB5 and PB4 were constantly ON when I uncommented these lines, before flying I switched them off by commenting these lines

define HAL_GPIO_B_LED_PIN 2, this statement in hwdef solved the status led blinking issue, but i didn’t get that, cause i am using schematic of revo-mini, and there is no such config statement like this in revo-mini, i picked this statement from omnibusf4pro hwdef.dat file, what this statement is actually doing? and why it is not used for revo-mini hwdef.dat

Tbh, I have to use both define HAL_GPIO_A_LED_PIN 1 and define HAL_GPIO_B_LED_PIN 2 together for status LED to blink, otherwise PB5 LED is just constantly on