Need help in radio caibration

Hello , i’m new to the hobby and forum, and trying to calibrate my radio with mission planner on initial setup. It’s the first build i am into and I cannot understand why , but reveiver and transmitter (fly sky FSI6 and FS IA6B) seem bined, as on the receiver I have steady red light.(Also tried re binding again just to be sure). So power arrives to receiver and it seemes binded as I also see battery status of the receveir on the transmitter.
However when I open radio calibration the bars are not green but simply gray, and even if I press radio calibration and move the sticks nothing changes.

Hope someone can help me,
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Which Flight Controller do you have and how do you have the receiver connected to it?

Hello I am using a Pixhawk ( the grey model ) and the receiver is connected to the Pixhawk, with a 3 pin cable.
It should be plugged correctly because the receiver receives power , but apparently Pixhawk doesn’t receive signal.

Thanks again

I’ve also sent some pictures that show wiring on the receiver and on the autopilot.

Those are terrible photos. PPM channel out of the Receiver to RCIN on the Pixhawk? Is PPM mode set on Transmitter?

Sorry for the photos quality but it seems my phone’s camera is having an issue today.
Yes PPM channel out the receiver to RCIN on Pixhawk.

I didn’t set anything on the transmitter , but shouldn’t it come set like this by fabric options?

Thanks again

It’s probably set for PWM as default.

Ok thanks a lot to both of you I solved the problem and it was because the transmitter was set by default to PWM.

You’ve been great help

Happy flying to everyone :blush::upside_down_face: