Need help! How to cool down ESC in a limited airflow condition

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know any method to cool down ESC in a limited airflow condition inside a container? I would appreciate any comments. Thank you very much! :grin:

What is the container like? How limited is the airflow?

easiest is adding a heatsink. pc of aluminum with thermal paste. then add small fan. and vent your container. search for ip rated enclosure vents.

or expose your esc to outside by mounting your heatsink to a hole in container (use glue or gasket if IP rating is an issue) and then mount your esc to the inside of the aluminum heatsink.


Thank you for your suggestion! It is very informative!
I intend to add a heatsink first, but I cannot use the thermal paste because it will cause a short circuit to ESC. Is it ok if I use Thermally Conductive Adhesive Tape to mount heatsink?

Be careful. Some fets with heat sinks on them can’t touch each other or have any metal bridging them. The short out in a nasty sort of way. I lost a Hoybro Tekko32 that way.

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These are the sorts of heatsink insulators you normally use on transistors these days, to avoid mica insulators and messy heatsink compound.

And you can get whole sheets of it to cut to size:

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Thank you for some helpful links! Can I also use Arctic Thermal Pad in between the heatsink and the FETs? Do you know if it is better or worst than the Silicone Rubber Insulator Sheets you sent me? :slight_smile:

We have a rainproof SAR copter in our fleet. I used a simple heat pipe with heat spreaders autside the frame. Also, i’m using well dimensioned low resistant ESCs. The heat pipe is an aluminium profile, glued with thermal conductive adhesive. Here some photos:


Thank you very much for your pictures, the copter looks very nice! It is a good reference for me with heatsink exposing to the outside but still rainproof!

Hi, also I have a question about your copter container. Where could you find manufacturer for your 3D carbon frame? It looks very shiny and professional. Thank you! :slight_smile:

It‘s a frame from Dex,
A very nice and friendly guy, and so are his frames.
But take care: you must use some membrane for air pressure compensation. Otherwise your barometer and therefore your altitude control will do bad things :slight_smile:

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Use an electrically non-conductive thermal paste like Arctic Cooling MX-4, which has an absurdly long usable life (8 years or so), and conducts heat better than most other products.

It’s the only compound I’ll use now.


Here’s an example enclosure vent

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