Need advice on Failsafe Strategy

I’m considering a mission where I will takeoff in one location, and end the mission (and have the landing) in a second location. (I have enough room to launch, but not enough to land, and it’s the best way to fly the area I want, given the available flight duration.) Although I hope to have RC radio signal for the entire flight, I might lose it at some point, for some duration. (Or at least I need to plan for that possibility. I also have terrain considerations, so I don’t want it straight-lining into a hillside during an RTL.) Consequently, I’m trying to consider how to handle the failsafe settings.

If I lose RC signal during the Mission, I want the FC to ignore that and to continue with the waypoints and Mission, finishing near the landing zone, and then loitering. However, should I be flying NOT under a Mission on the same flight, and I lose RC signal, I’d want the plane to go to a designated rally point (which will be near the loiter location).

A- Is this possible to set up? (i.e. different failsafe behavior based upon being in a Mission, or not.)
B- What else do I need to consider, given the situation, concerning failsafe? What possibility am I overlooking?