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Need advice on best method to add and log custom parameters from companion computer


(Justsomeguy1983) #1

Hi All,

I’m just getting started on a project where I want to make humidity/and temp measurements at various altitudes. I’ve currently done it with dual radio links, one for ardupilot telemetry, and the other was my humidity/temp data (coming from a RPI zero). On the ground I used mission planner NEMA output to obtain altitudes and time, I then made a user app that parsed out time/altitude/humidity/temperature from their respective serial ports, displayed the data, and more importantly recorded it. This set up required 2 laptops because of the number of available usb/serial ports on my computers and the number of usb2serial adapters required.

What I really want to do is create additional parameters for humidity and temperature, have the RPI zero update those parameters at ~1Hz via the telem2 port on my pixhawk 2.1, download the flight logs obtain the data but most importantly be able to see the temp/humidity data real time in Mission planner. That way I can get rid of the additional 900MHz radio, remove a laptop from the setup and get rid of a lot of serial to usb adapters.

I’m probably most familiar with python as a programming language. As I said, I’ll be interfacing to the FC with a rpi zero over the uart. I understand i’ll need to create the parameters on the FC and somehow get the rpi to send temp/humidity messages to the FC. How do I go about doing that? Which of these tools do I need: pymavlink, mavproxy, dronekit, maverick??
Can anyone tell me where I should start or a block diagram of how it might work programmatically?

Thanks Very much!


(Fnoop) #2

Wouldn’t it be easier to take the ardupilot telemetry to the pi zero over a serial connection, and then forward this through the pi zero radio link as well as your humidity/temp data?

(Justsomeguy1983) #3

I really don’t know, I don’t know where to begin really. However I would rather record on the craft so the data is available even if the radio link gets degraded or drops out, additionally I think I may use missionplanner to plot the data as well, via the log analysis tools.