Navio 2 Connection Problem

I have Navio 2 as an autopilot. But, I have a problem with connecting QGroundControl to navio 2 without any radio telemetry. Do you guys have any solution?

Thank you.

As you were told at the Emlid forum, you MUST follow the instructions on the Navio2 docs

with special attention to this

I got this kind of answer several times. I will examine what is wrong with me, but I just want some apparent answers sometimes.

I do not have radio telemetry. And I want to connect Mission Planner or QGroundControl to Navio 2.
Is this question hard to answer apparently? I am just asking… because nobody does answer apparently.

Thank you.

You must establish a link via WiFi or via a telemetry radio between a GCS and the Navio2.

If you want to establish a USB connection between a GCS and Navio2, you still have to configure one of the USB ports on the RPI to “talk” telemetry, and then get a cable between the two. The easiest way is to establish a WiFi link, specially if you use a RPI3 that has onboard WiFi. If not using a RPI3, you MUST get a WiFi dongle and connect and configure it on the RPI operating system, before it can be used by ArduPilot and Navio2.

GCS can be either Mission Planner, QGroundControl and APM Planner2, it’s irrelevant. These are all apps that run on top of a operating system that manages the connections. If there is no connection established by the OS (on both the RPI and the PC/Mac) then the apps (ArduPilot on the Navio2) and the GCS don’t “talk” …

Also the microUSB port on the RPI is only used to power the RPI, not for communications…