Navigate the copter using MAVLink protocol

Hi all
I am a newbie so you should be patient with me
Does anyone work with Intel Aero drone and try to control it using MAVLink protocol and Ardupiolt?
I am facing some difficultie. for example, when I wanted to try takeOff command, I gave all parameters zeros except the altitude I set specific number. I tried it on Aero and it was going horizontally and I was terrified until I got it back to ground. I think that it was going to lan:0 and Lon:0 although they say here : that the parameters related to lan and long are not supported.
In addition, when I try the same command using the SITL simulation, It just goes up without navigate to specific point.
I am really confused because I do not know how to test safely my code.
I need to navigate the drone using the data that I get from camera. I need the basic commands like change the altitude and goes horizontally right,left,forward and backward (pitch&roll) and yaw.
Please any help I spent days and I am still have problems .I just need some tips and help to achieve my goal.
Thank you