Hello everyone,
I’m trying to get the real time interval between 2 measurements for a sped up simulation. I haven’t found anywhere how the SIM_SPEEDUP parameter is used to actually speed the simulation. I tried to find the relationship between the time it takes to simulate and the SIM_SPEEDUP parameter by doing a curve fit, but it looks something like the figure:

It seams like it could be sim_time=real_time/sim_speedup, but for sim_speedup>5 some kind of error prevents the formula from being true.

Thanks in advance,

the timestamp in the logs should still be as if it were run in real time, I think. At some point the speed up is limited by CPU speed.

Thank you Peter,
This solved my problems.

I also found recently that there the is a also ‘speed up’ value sent back to the GCS over mavlink, this show you the speed its actually running at in real time.

How could i obtain this value?, Im using Dronekit as a GCS

Hum, i had a look in mavlink and I can’t see it, possibly its generated by Mission planner. Look in the status tab.