NASA's Safe2Ditch integration?

I have just come across an announcement by NASA, that they are open to license their Safe2Ditch approach:

Now, I have never licensed anything from them, so I don’t have the faintest idea of their cost structure, and this idea may be utterly naive, BUT - maybe with the wide adoption of Ardupilot, they are open to give the community a break?

While the ins-and-outs are not detailed in the infos available, it might be worth to pursue by someone in the dev team that may have an inroad with NASA, so I at least wanted to put it forward.

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Interesting. I wish they had more information on how it works, how its connected and so on.
This video shows Safe2Ditch with Mission planner.

Thanks for sharing the video. In watching it I actually recalled having seen it a while ago already. And yes - NASA too is using Mission Planner :slight_smile:

Maybe they will wait to license it to a U-Space/ LAANC service provider such as Airmap, for them to use as a premium service, as it could dove-tail nicely with the necessary data for safe landing areas.