My Esc (X-Rotor Pro 40a Hobbywing) turning two direction, but i want that turn as one direction

i want that use my esc as one direction. Example when i calibrate to my controller and esc, they haven’t work that i want such as with the throttle in the middle motor is stop normally throttle lever down to motor stop. Actually this issue can solve with the help of arduino but i couldn’t find this resourch. Can you help me please.

You need to configure the ESC itself. Do you have an ESC programmer? Have you reas the ESC instructions manual?

I dont have any esc programmer. If you know esc programmer, can you recommend me please.And i read the ESC İNSTRUCTİONS manual so there are some value to throttle ranges. I have to use these ranges value in programmer?

yes, you will need to use the instructions provided in the ESC user manual to change the range for single direction.