My Drone isn't flying Pixhawk 2.4.8

I’m experienced with my drone it won’t fly, what should I do to make it fly normally.
here is my drone set up.

yt video:

Hi Joseph,

Without log from the pixhawk it is almost impossible to find out what is wrong.

My first guess is that your motor ordering is incorrect.

Second, find a place where you have plenty room to hover or fly .

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It’s been suggested several times that you use Mission Planners Motor Test Function to determine proper motor order and direction.

this are my motor ordering i copy from the forum i also test it in a open area.

What don’t you understand about running The Motor Test in Mission Planner? You cannot determine from that photo if they are in the proper order.

For that matter a log won’t determine this either. But a parameter file might disclose some other problems.

Here it is. Read the note and click the link so you understand what order the test is run in. Remove the props.

thanks for the help i manage to solve my problem it was the ESC all the long and then i follow this instruction for the connection and it really works well I see the difference i

hope this thing fly.