My drone is possessed I think

I was doing an auto tune today in the middle of a massive rugby field. It just kept on going for the trees on the sides. Every time that I pushed it back into the middle it would go directly for the trees. I was auto tuning one axis and it actually used another axis to get to the trees. It was only supposed to tilt left and right but it did front to back also. Eventually it won and we went down. Luckily it was just a 3D printed gps holder that broke and I have a few spares.

Then I started auto tune again and there was someone running around the field. The drone kept on moving closer and closer to the person and I had to constantly pull it back. This time it only did left to right but it would put a yaw in there when it thought I wasn’t looking.

Does anyone know of a drone exorcist :slight_smile:

You should start at the beginning of the Arducopter Wiki before flying any further. I don’t think you have demonstrated even basic knowledge.

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I am on the pages every day. I am also trying to find YouTube videos for things I am looking for and reddit posts.

I have nothing to compare against that is like my drone so I have to ask questions and try different things.

Sometimes on the pages it shows a graph and then I don’t have the settings in my graphs to be able to compare.

There are parts of the pages that don’t help, e.g. When I just started with default settings my drone didn’t work and you guys helped me telling me to plug the esc wires into the aux ports. That was with a default firmware.

I had to do exactly the opposite to what the servo pages explain to get my servos to work.

My blheli_32 passthrough didn’t work even with all the right settings until I used a different PC.

So many things that was different to the documentation. Maybe it is because my Pixhawk is from 2015. I don’t know but it has been difficult.

Another example. The documentation says to auto tune in alt hold because it will keep its position better. Usually I find loiter keeps its position better for me, except before my first crash today. After that my loiter kept it in a good position when I did an auto tune. When I go from alt hold to auto tune it goes all over the place usually.

It does not say this. In fact switching into Auto Tune from AltHold requires manual re-positioning. This is a basic function of AltHold. “Altitude Hold” that’s it. Read thru the Wiki more carefully. I would say you are way over your skiis.

This is what I see on the page

AutoTune performs a weak position hold if invoked from Loiter or PosHold flight modes (as opposed to AltHold) while doing an autotune.

I deducted that AltHold means it will hold position better.

Is my understanding of that text wrong?

Yes, wrong. In fact I saw another post where this was explained to you. “ALTITUDE” Hold does that and that only. Are you really reading the Wiki?

Yes I am. That is why I could find that text so fast for you.

This is what I understand when I read this text
AutoTune performs a weak position hold if invoked from Loiter or PosHold flight modes (as opposed to AltHold) while doing an autotune

If AutoTune performs a weak position from Loiter but opposed to that in AltHold then this is what I understand

AutoTune performs a strong position hold if invoked from AltHold.

I don’t see how I interpret that text wrong.

I understand what you are saying about AltHold and this is why this text does not make sense to me but that is what I understand

There is NO POSITION HOLD with AltHold. So how can it perform a “strong Position hold”?
I don’t know what else to tell you. Clearly you are not understanding the Flight Modes.

I agree with you.

Don’t you think the text should be changed then on that page?

If it says opposed it means opposite. If the one says it doesn’t hold position then the opposite to that is it holds.

NO. You are wrong. This is what is says:

AutoTune performs a weak position hold if invoked from Loiter or PosHold flight modes (as opposed to AltHold) while doing an autotune.

As apposed to AltHold. Get it?

No more to post here.

It says as opposed to AltHold)

Well this is why I have difficulty it seems. I am interpreting things in a way that seems to be different than how others interpret it.

Come on man.
“As apposed to” definition:
used to refer to something that is different from what has just been mentioned

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Please understand, I don’t have an ego that has to be right.

I am purely trying to explain how interpreted it. Opposite to weak was strong to me, not weaker/none.

I would probably change it to
as opposed to AltHold that does no position hold)

To be completely clear and descriptive.

To end this. I agree with you and I understand how someone that has knowledge of the software could interpret it the correct way and I understand I might interpret things incorrectly and that is why I have to ask questions to make sure and to try and understand.

I have many questions because I read a lot

When you do altihold autotune its normal this would happen as there is no gps lock. If no you can do poshold autotune. It will position itself in a 10m radius.

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Thank you. Is there a way to reduce that distance of 10m? Would it even be a good idea?

This is where I normally fly

I don’t know how big a field like that is but I start in the middle and when I auto tune with loiter it goes directly for the trees unless someone runs on the other side of the field then it moves towards them

It should be fine. Anyway if it goes anywhere dangerous you can just move it back using your controller.

If you spend any time at all around here, it’s hard to have missed the series of questions asked by the Taskman. Here’s my $.02: you should start small. Build a 4 motor quadcopter on a 250-450mm frame. Include minimal sensors and use a cheap flight controller (Matek? Kakute?). Get familiar with the inner workings of a copter and this software before you hurt someone, something, or your wallet trying to build something big.

You are right. It seems much more dangerous than I first thought when I first bought the electronics many years ago.

Where it actually started was that I wanted to show our 3D Printers could print a drone and fly it off the build plate, electronics inserted while printing.

During covid I had to pivot and started to move into filming and I lost the chance of applying for a bunch of jobs worth thousands of $ because I didn’t have a drone. So I decided to get going with the electronics and build something to make money with but the way it is going now I will end up in jail before the end of the year.

This is also why I am considering getting the license now to fly 7kg drones.

Trying to stay below 2kg has meant I had to go with thinner legs, thinner body, probably lower quality motors because of weight, no sensors or protection. Having the ability to go to 7kg will mean something built stronger and probably also safer against a gust of wind since I am close to the ocean and I have constantly 30km/h gusts here.

Follow this thread in detail. It should really help.