Multiple Radio Control Receivers r9m

hello, I can’t figure out how to switch receivers, I have r9 slim and r9mm both use f.port , option 23 is enabled, 10th bit is the same, one receiver always works, but the second one doesn’t want to work until I turn off the first one in the parameters and reload fc . I switch receivers using a bind on the equipment. I am using h743 v3 and ardupilot 4.2.2.

Have a look here:

Switching is automatic based on receiver behavior.

i read it but he doesn’t want to switch it even if i turn it off with the hardware

This configuration only is valid for autopilots that use an IOMCU co-processor.

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I don’t understand what a coprocessor means, i.e. will it not work on this board?and no options?

The Matek H743 does not have a co-processor so no it won’t work.

I understand, and what are the options?

Either use a board with a coprocessor (I think the Holybro Durandal employs one), or use the receiver’s own redundancy pins.


thanks, i will try. I would add detailed explanations to the instructions on the site