Multiple LIDAR - LIDAR compatibility


I’m new to ArduPilot and don’t find answer on the documentation (Or don’t see them =D)

I want to use two LIdar (one front and one back) due to the conception of the rover I can’t only use one.

So my questions :

o Ardupilot / PixHawk can handle two LiDar ?
o Can I use any LiDar or I can only use the 4 listed in documentation :

  • [Lightware SF40/C (360 degree)]
  • [Lightware SF45/B (350 degree)]
  • [RPLidar A2 360 degree laser scanner]
  • [TerraRanger Tower (360 degree)]

Thanks for your help,

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Hi @Hexor
To answer your questions:
ArduPilot makes a slight distinction between 360 degree Lidars like Lightware SF40/C/Lightware SF45/B and 1-D RangeFinders like TF-Mini.
The short answer is: You can configure only ONE 360-degree sensor with ArduPilot. You can configure multiple 1-D rangefinders though. Hope you understand


Thanks, So I need to rebuild a bit my rover to have only one 360° LiDar.
How I can know if my Lidar are compatible witth ArduPilot ? Only the four in the documentation are ok ?

The full list is here: Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation
Where it says “RangeFinder”, that’s used for 1-D rangefinders

Ok thanks !

My goal is to connect Lidar to the pixhawk to have obect avoidance, but I wouild like to get the data of the lidar into a companion computer to take other decision.

But, I don’t find on the mavlink protocol Message to get distance from object + the angle, number of spot etc.
So, it is possible to get lidar’s data / raw data to a companion computer ?