Multiple Downward Facing Lidars

I have a large multi-rotor designed with multiple redundancies in mind. I am currently using a single LightWare lidar, but would like to use more than one for altitude control, in case one fails.The current lidar is used for terrain following.

Arducopter 4 supports multiple rangefinders, but does not document the behaviour if more than one are configured as downward facing.

Is this possible or OK to try?

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Hi Suasguy

You can definitely use more than one device. How have you connected to the device? Serial or I2C?


Yes that’s great and thanks for the reply! The device is currently connected via Serial.

I guess my main point is whether ArduCopter can be configured for more than one downward facing lidar, and if so, how does it fuse the data from both of them (or more?).

Di dyou get an asnwer to your question? I am also interested in using multiple downward facing range finders but don’t see that accomodated in the documentation.