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MSP protocol support

Dear Alex,


Used following parameters.

I got following data:

Thanks Alex.
Without your support I would have never…

Question: what is the way forward to integrate this in the regular code?
I will equip all my airplanes with the lidar, its much easier for landing.

thanks for the feedback Tobias, congrats you are the 1st ever user of the matek lidar :slight_smile:

Hi Tobias,
well after this public testing phase I will have to submit my code for review by the dev team, and once approved it will land in master. Once in master it might be back ported to stable releases only if the feature is considered worth the effort (which would be minimal in this very case).


Dang it. I am still waiting for DJI AU x 2 to come back from repair…Both units failed to talk with kakute HDV F7 UART1 communication. I will test it with Orange cube as requested.


I digg a little more on RSSI and solve it. Another bug in Crossfire RSSI when using PPM and Failsafe Cut position (I use crossfire 3.72 firmware). With crossfire, we choose ‘Failsafe position’ instead of ‘Cut’ and now it’s work I mean RSSI is correct in RSSI OSD panel of DJI.
Is there a way to change imperial/metrics ? Thanks for such great project (like your Frsky Telemetry screen!)


  • MSP_OSD_UNITS = 0 is imperial
  • MSP_OSD_UNITS = 1 is metric

Note: we have no control on the actual conversions used, we always send metric and the air unit does all the math (except for the MSP_OSD_ASPD item which being a “hack” needs proper conversions done on our side)

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this is so awesome, thankyou
i would love to try this, is there a build for the airbot nano f4 v6,
Cheers and thanks for the invite here to follow progress

Hi, yes, target should be omnibusnanov6 right? check here if target is different please let me know so I can build it :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex, yep that should do it, ill hopefully get to dig into it over the weekend. :smile:

Thanks Mark,
I’m asking for a favor here: another user reported problems flashing the omnibusnanov6 apj so if you could confirm the image flashes all right I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks. I will test this. HITL is not working anymore from what I remember so no possibility to test with Xplane.

but with SITL it works just fine, redirect the serial port to an FTDI adapter and connect it the Air Unit!

Good idea ! I forgot this. SITL works with Embedded flight planner and also X-Plane. Will try tonight.

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Some screenshot. Arming work as expected to unlock full power.


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great, thanks!
can you try to hide the upper left ACRO by setting MSP_OSD_FMODE_EN = 0, no reboot needed.
The FMODE osd item should be dinamically shown/hidden based on AP status but looks like I can’t hide it :slight_smile:
You cal also move things around by playing with MSP_OSD_* parameters

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Hi Alex ive got a new Matek optiflow that I can send you if you want

Hi Martin, well thanks, I’ve ordered one from banggood about 2 weeks ago so should arrive in a few days but if it doesn’t show up I might consider your generous offfer :slight_smile:

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it is here waiting for you Alex just let me no and thank you for all your hard work keeping us all happy

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I don’t get the omnibus nano v6 flashed :sleepy:

Yes all this is working fine. The last few issues Alex has been working on that I have see. have just been scaling of values With somethings being off.

The Acro is remaining in place but does change to RTL or Failsafe when triggered.

The scrolling Info is fantastic and a great way of showing data.

I was hoping to fly this to day to triple check a few things but it’s been constant heavy rain sadly. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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