MSP Protocol - DJI V2 Goggles and Pixhawk1

Started playing with DJI V2 Goggles (Release 1.00.0606 both the Goggles and the air unit) and make it work with PixHawk 1 (2.4.8).

I am not interested in using WTFOS at this point.

I am getting the OSD data inside the Goggles but just curious what level of control I have as far as adjusting OSD data layout? how about font color change? white color is hard to see.

As per Ardu pilot documentation, the screen should look something like this:

But I am seeing completely different layout and data inside my Goggles. There is also an over lap of OSD data on the upper left hand corner.


Any ideas why there is difference in layout? Can it be adjusted?

All the OSDn_XXXXX parameters are set at default.

Extract from Documentation:

Each OSD panel item uses a set of three variables to be set:

  • OSDn_<ITEM>_EN - activates the respective panel item on screen “n” when set to 1.
  • OSDn_<ITEM>_X and OSDn_<ITEM>_Y set the horizontal and vertical position of the item, starting with X = 0 and Y = 0 in the upper left corner of your screen.

Question: The values of X and Y represent what on the screen (i.e. Pixels?). How the screen is divided by pixel or ?

The SD font’s positions are set on a 30x16 X/Y position grid as normal, the HD uses a 50x18 grid.

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Thanks…this will help.

So are you saying that inside mission planner the OSD layout screen will readjust osd data inside DJI goggles “or” that editor only works with FC with onboard OSD chip such as Maytek?

With the editor you can do both …

An onboard OSD normally uses a grid of 30x16. With the editor you can change, save and immediately see the change in the OSD.

If an MSP or Canvas OSD is used in HD goggles, it is exactly the same. Except for the point that you can’t work with the editor in HD mode (50x18 grid) because the editor can’t display the larger area at the moment. But because you don’t want to use WTFOS, this doesn’t concern you.

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Ok I will give it shot tomorrow.

The Ardupilot documentation doesn’t explain clearly if the Mission Planner editor is for FC onboard OSD or it will support any MSP pass through data.

Am I reading the wrong documentation “or” there is another one explaining what you described above somewhere else?

Contributions are welcome @UAVSkies
On all wiki pages, there is a link for any suggestion/enhancements.

Will do. Let me first figure out what I am doing, not ready for any suggestions.

I have been able to edit the OSD in mission planner on a set of DJI V1 goggles. I don’t know what version they are but I know they haven’t been updated in the last 18 months (at least). I’m running them under SERIALx_PROTOCOL, 33. I don’t know if that’s the best way to do it now. This was never a priority project for me so it was a matter of I got it working for what I needed at the time and moved on.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all the OSD parameters work in this mode, OSD1_FLTMODE for example. It will display the flight mode as part of the OSD1_MESSAGE.

I think if you want the full functionality you’re better off looking into WTFOS.

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