MP UI Open Discussion

During the ArduPilot conference - there was a quick joke made about the fact that a new MP UI is probably not going to happen. Given that though, there was some questions/discussion that rose based on this comment.

The main issue here is increasing the UI’s ease of use WITHOUT removing any functionality. QGC is often seen as the “easier to use” GCS - but lacks many features (especially newer ones). I don’t think we want to create such a strict UI design that delays the integration of new features.

Just wanted to see if opening a thread for discussion regarding the MP UI would be a good starting point.

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In the process of using quadPlane, I found that different users have relatively large differences in the use of MP UI. Improving ease of use will reduce compatibility, which is a contradiction.

For example, aerial survey users want to simplify common commands for route setting, and pesticide spraying users want to put the shortcut keys of pesticide control nozzles in a prominent position;

I think that in the future ground stations may have versions with different functional optimizations, and the basic version remains unchanged.

Dear developers! Please do not change the interface of your Mission Planner program. There is a positive world experience when the piano did not change the interface of the key, and the musicians composed only new melodies. Please follow this experience, if you have set a standard then it must be observed. Have you noticed that in cars the pedals do not change places, but improve the technical characteristics

Agree with the point on not making any major changes because of familiarity with the GCS. If anything - I would propose that changes (if any) are made slowly so that we have ample time for community feedback and do not cause panic amongst existing users.

From my point of view - the “Data” and “Plan” tabs are pretty mature and adequate. Most of the UI changes I would want are within the “Setup” and “Config” panels - alongside moving some of the “hidden” Alt+F options to a more public page.

Building off of that - I think it would be nice to just have the ALT+F popup be a bit more prominent. Either as a tab under the HUD or as a category under the “Setup” or “Config” panels. Another option would be adding a new tab called “Advanced” where the ALT+F options, MAVFTP, Terminal, etc. categories reside. I think the “Setup” tab is already pretty cluttered - which is my main gripe with the platform.

I think aspects regarding better commands and shortcut keys for spraying/camera/etc. are best configured as plugins (such as some of the camera ones) that can be integrated under the HUD. That way you can customize what tabs are prevalent dependent upon the use case.

Please see a post I made from 2yrs ago about what some of my personal recommendations are for improving MP’s UI.

I think it would be great if the color scheme, UI elements, and images were updated to vector graphics for a more visually appealing design.

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