MP SITL - Quadplane not moving in VTOL mode

Hello, i am currently attempting to simulate a quadplane in order to test RTL methods.
I have entered waypoints into the flight plan, and they should work but they dont. I have enabled the VTOL since the craft does take off in VTOL mode and i have VTOL mode enabled auto (Q_ENABLE = 2).

Therefore, issue is the craft goes to my desired altitude in VTOL, then when trying to go to waypoint 1, it doesn’t even move. I therefore set Q_ENABLE = 1, and the craft responded as intended by transitioning to Fixed Wing and moving to the waypoint.

My question is, why does the craft not want to go to the waypoint in the ArduPlane Simulator as a VTOL, even though it can VTOL_TAKEOFF and Q_RTL…

Thank you!