MP hangs during accelerometer calibration


I am bringing up latest ArduPlane 3.6 with latest MP 1.3.39 on a PixFalcon for use in a motor glider. All is going well except accelerometer calibration. In the attached files, it hung after asking me to put vehicle on its back. See screen grab below of messages window. I just tried again now, after power cycling vehicle, radio and MP. This time it hung after prompting vehicle on left side. I am running Windows 7, if that matters. I press space bar when asked to press any key, and I am holding vehicle reasonably steady by hand in each requested orientation. I went into the Program Files directory for MP, and found everything there that was modified today. I attached a few of those here, along with my latest params file. The XML files I saved as .txt using Word, to be able to upload them here. I hope I have provided enough data for you to get a sense of what might be going wrong. Any suggestions for solving this problem?


Radian XL Pixhawk Params v8 24jul16.param (11.2 KB)
MissionPlanner.log (151.0 KB)
fwversions xml.txt (12.0 KB)
stats xml.txt (229 Bytes)
config xml.txt (1.3 KB)
MissionPlanner 2 file.txt (500.2 KB)
MissionPlanner 1 file.txt (500.1 KB)

It ocurred to me that one aspect of the session that may have something to do with the problem are all the MP voice callouts that are constantly telling me about various states of the system, as I am trying to calibrate accelerometers. Could it be possible that the key press is getting lost in all the business of voice callouts? Just a hunch…

So I disabled voice, and the calibration went much more smoothly and quickly than all prior attempts. So my conclusion is that keeping up with voice callouts is getting in the way.


thanks for the report back, i will checkout the speech side of it.