MP: failed to detect port to upload to (unknown VID/PID OR BOARD STRING)

I just recently bought a pixhawk 2.4.8 and trying to install copter firmware on it, but I keep receiving an error message saying that it cannot detect port to upload to. My pixhawk is plugged in using USP connection and I have two solid green light, a flashing blue light, flashing red light (from switch) and the big circle light has a green/yellowish…

on the top right, next to the ardupilot logo, I switch to every single option and still nothing.

can anyone please help me. I’ll buy you lunch!

Try flashing with QGC this first time. If I recall correctly, it isn’t as strict in checking.

Dont “connect” to flash the firmware though.
Use firmware for Pixhawk1
Also the port should be a COMx and baud should be 115200 once it is flashed with firmware.

tried that too, and still not working. so I think I might have a defected pixhawk