MP: decimal format provokes bad parameters since MP1.3.71

I have observed that with the update from MP 1.3.70 to 1.3.71, the mission planner does not read my .param files correctly.

If I have a “.” as decimal separator, it works as before. It does not work when I use the german standard of “,” as decimal separator (this is a windows-setting).

Until MP 1.3.70 this setting didn’t matter.

The danger is when existing .param files are overwritten or new ones created: Insetad of e.g. AHRS_COMP_BETA: 0.1, the file has AHRS_COMP_BETA: 1.

All floating point values are losing the decimal separator and end up completely junking the parameters file.

If such a parameter set gets uploaded to a FC, anything can happen.

Is this a bug or is this just an oversight on my part?

afaik this affects LogBrowse only, might be related though?

That seems to be the exact same thing. Looks like not only log browsing is affected. What is somewhat surprising is that MP 3.1.70 works and all versions later don’t.
Also surprising that this issue has been present ever since without being addressed.