MP 1.3.77 dont work with DEM data (geotif) in srtm folder

Just that.
MP 1.3.77 dont work with DEM data (geotif) in srtm folder

1.3.74 works fine
1.3.75 dont work
1.3.76 i dont try yet

Any advice for 1.3.77 work ?

do you have a sample file that not working?

Thanks MIchael,
Here are link:

You can find 4 files:

1 02 Chili.waypoints // i think simplest way to find place when you load dem (chilicocha)

chilicocha_dem_2m_16bits_lzw.tif // dem data in 16 bits and compressed

chillicocha_dem_2m.tif // standar dem data as always load in srtm folder

Yangafu_3_2m.tif // just another example in standar format

can you please try the latest beta?

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your amazing work.

With beta update ( 1.3.865) custom DEM data loaded in srtm folder works again,
just take note:
waypoints numbers are not showed when open the elevation profile tool as in previous versions (this feature is very usefull)


Thanks again, i have few feedback to you:

In previous versions of mission planner it was possible to simultaneously see the google dem and the custom dem loaded in the corresponding folder.
For some time now, when loading a geotif, the default profile is no longer visible.
Is there a way to activate that function and see both?

Likewise, when reviewing the flight log, the function TERR → terrH only shows the google profile and does not show the custom one

What do you think?

its very usefull for analisis too, like can be in this (sad) case:


google dem was dropped because someone abused the service, and i got a 4000USD bill. and it wont be returning.

how is this possible ??? amazing… sorry for hear that