Moving Baseline specifics


So to begin with, i have started testing moving baseline feature on quite heavy drone where there is quite a lot of interference cause of high power motors etc. Therefore moving baseline seems like a great way to avoid possible compass deviations. First tests seem okay but I wanted to ask some questions to understand better how to set it up for maximum safety.

  1. When using GPS for yaw we have to choose EK3 source as GPS or GPS with compass fallback. Do some of You maybe have a script or a way to test the “fallback situation” inflight?

  2. In case we want to use GPS with compass fallback, what would happen if i’ll disable all compasses? Will it still do a fallback?

  3. Would it be a better way to set up it like EK3_SRC1 to just GPS and then EK3_SRC2 to compass and EK3_SRC3 to GSF instead of just setting it as GPS with compass fallback for source 1? What would be the difference?

  4. And can we somehow see in the mission planner status the information which yaw source - GPS or compass are we using at the second?

  5. when setting up antena offsets from the FC it seems the best is to do calculations as precise as possible, when it comes to antenna we have the centroid in datasheet, do You have a data for The Cube center location?

Thanks a lot, for the answers, i’ll gladly do some testing to make it work better as it seems like a really nice way of getting the yaw.