Mounting Pixhawk upside down- Will it lead to instabilities?

I recently built a vibration dampening cover to mount my pixhawk 2.4.8 (a Chinese version of the 2.4.6 with the flash bug fixed) (I’m flying a f550 hexa with upgraded arms and 11" CF props) but the design requires that the flight controller be mounted upside down. I am aware that this is entirely possible (set board orientation and re-calibrate) but was wondering whether it would lead to a drop in performance/ higher processing power required on pixhawk/ unstable/ not perfect flight conditions because my drone must be as stable as possible for my required application to work.

So should I redesign the mount or is it perfectly ok to mount upside down and if so will I get peak performance (efficiency is also a large concern, the motors shouldn’t change speed too vigorously)?

I would be grateful for some input! Thanks in advance!

Did it work Tharindu?

Yep! I’ve had it mounted upside down for quite a while now and have not noticed any differences in flying / stability or handling as opposed to right way up. Keep in mind, you have to set the new board oreintation parameters.