Motors spin up and then immediately stop, but still armed

Underneath is an image of the quadcopter(ready to arm)

I couldn’t insert a video of the drone, but the issue is that on arming, the motors spin then immediately stop, even though I command full throttle, and it stays armed after that until either it times out after 15 seconds of minimum throttle, land detector triggers it to disarms, or I manually disarm it. It doesn’t respond to stick movements(roll, pitch, yaw). I have some various .tlogs from various flight attempts(I don’t have telemetry radio or wifi, I just connected with usb while I spun the motors up). I think it might be an issue on the esc end(I use 30a simonk escs). Also, I have no power module, you can see one but the cable doesn’t work(One day I pulled it too hard.) Also, there are gps glitches, but they clear quickly and don’t appear to be the issue.
2021-11-21 16-01-11.tlog (205.1 KB)
2021-11-21 16-03-37.tlog (554.6 KB)
2021-11-21 16-17-01.tlog (383.9 KB)
2021-11-21 16-22-00.tlog (203.8 KB)
2021-11-21 16-24-59.tlog (641.5 KB)
My question is why is this disarming, and what should I do? thanks for reading this.

No, the problem is your USB cable. The firmware detects that you are connected via USB and refuses to throttle up for safety reasons.

Remove the USB cable and it will work fine.

I have discovered one more thing. When I disconnect usb, it didn’t even start. The pixhawk is only being powered by the 5v bec in the esc, so the esc is the culprit. I can get some new ones and a power module and maybe it will work? I guess I will use digital escs, so how would you wire them to the pixhawk?

Usually you want a separated BEC for your flight controller for safety reasons. So do not use the integrated BEC in your ESCs.

Read the documentation, it explains how to connect the ESCs to the flight controller.

I would like to put an update here. The ESCs broke, but luckily we are going to get an replacement. Meanwhile, I am getting it to arm, and I am analayzing the PWM outs and they are working fine. So the issue is on the esc end. Thank everybody for helping me.

I guess I want to make an update. Replacements came and I returned them. So I am now using digital 4 in 1 escs. Tomorrow I will create a new topic and ask the moderators to close this thread.