Motors keep spinning at constant speed no mention where ever the throttle is placed

Motors keeps spinning at same RPM even when the throttle is zero. No mention where ever the throttle is placed it spins at a constant rpm only. Plz help urgently.Recently built a f450 quadcopter. When I arm it using my flysky FS i6 transmitter the motors start spining at a constant RPM No mention where ever the throttle is placed.I have successfully calibrated the ESC as well as my transmitter. Plz help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for everyone. I am new in APM programming and I don’t know anything about programming so please give detailed steps if programming is needed in the APM. Detailed procedure means from starting till end and step wise. I will really appreciate your hard work.
I am attaching a YouTube video link for your ease to understand.I am using APM 2.8 as my flight controller and flashed it with 3.2.1 firmware. And ia6b as my reciever.

Have you seen this,

Yes I have seen this video earlier. I have successfully completed my accelerometer ,GPS,ESC and transmitter callibration.plz help me why I am facing this issue then plz

You need to supply a .log file form the FC with RCin and RCout enabled in the logs.

That way we can see what is happening and offer some advice.

I created the similar thread too. I have the same issue and i need help link to my thread. Weird ESC calibration

Don’t know much on apm programming so I am giving you all my logs files. I have downloaded all the log files. Today when I connected my APM I am getting bad gyro health. Please help me with this issue also. Thanks a lot in advance.