Motors_interlock_enabled in Loiter mode

Hi all,

I finished a new build of a quadrocopter with RPi and Navio2. Everyting is working in Stabilized mode. I get 8 to 11 satalites and hdop shows values between 1.5 and below.

Then I wanted to test Loiter mode.
Started the motors in Stabilized mode, then switched to Loiter mode…and motors stop spinning. I repeated this several times, but it is always the same result, the motors stop spinning.

I found different topics that suggested interferences with the gps antenna. So I “shielded” the cabel of the gps antenna with aluminium foil, but it is still the same result.

The gps antenna was delivered with the Navio2, so I assume this as a “working bundle”!?

Attached is a .bin file where the copter sits on ground, Loiter mode alredy on and then I arm the vehicle two times. Each time the motors start spinning and after a short while they stop. Within the log file I found the “motors_interlock_enabled” label and hope it is the right hint.

Does anybody have a hint or suggestion what I can try to keep motors spinning in Loiter mode?

00000005.BIN (229.0 KB)

Motor interlock enable is normal.
If you don’t give throttle then in loiter mode the motors will disarm after a couple of seconds it is also the normal behavior.