Motors for Rover

I have an RC car with 3 motors, two in the back and one in the front. The two in the back are controlling the throttle/speed of the vehicle, the dc motor in the front seems to be steering, since when I unplug this wire the vehicle, the vehicle only moves forward and backwards .

I have an ESC that I was gonna use for the back 2 motors , but for that front motor , I am confused on how to connect this because it only has 2 wires instead of 3 .

Can someone help or give advise on a possible solution ?

Thanks community

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Probably a brushed DC motor.

how would connect this to Pixhawk, would I need another ESC? or do I need to take another approach

If it’s a brushed motor you need a brushed motor ESC. It’s not a servo?

I thought it was a servo at first until i was ready to connected it to the pixhawk and I noticed that it only had 2 wires i know usually servos have 3 wires so now I believe its a dc motor

Right, you said 2 wires sorry. It’s just odd to have a motor for steering. But anyway if it’s a brushed motor you need a brushed motor ESC. Got a photo of this steering motor?

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Does the car have proportional steering? Or does the steering always go all the way?

Yea, looks like a brushed motor. To Sebastian’s question is this just Bang-Bang control? Center to full left or center to full right?

The steering goes all the way

The steering goes all the way left or right

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Another question that y’all may can help, I have a ESC that can be used on two motors , if I wanted to use skid steering instead with my two rear , I would need to 2 output pins to connect to the pixhawk correct ?

Yep. Like this (or any 2 chan’s you want)

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Hello, I’m developing a rover, do you have any suggestions for connecting a 2-wire acceleration engine

This tells us nothing about the application other than it’s a brushed motor (2-wire)