Motors Fail Motor Spin Test and Sever Yawing

Upon trying the motor spin test all motors except motors C(3) and F(4) pass. When I try to fly it all the motors seem to be spinning correctly however the drone starts to uncontrollably yaw counter clockwise at about 1.5 rotations per second even when I put the stick fully in the opposite direction. If I don’t try to compensate for the aggressive yaw, the drone enters a flip. When I increase the throttle the yawing increases with it so I have to compensate all the more. I checked all the connections and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious problem with them. I suspect that the two motors failing the motor spin test is connected to my greater problem of extreme yawing and flipping and I am truly out of ideas as to how to fix this problem. I don’t quite know how to share flight logs on here as it tells me the files are too large so if any of you need them to offer advice I would also really appreciate some pointers as to how to share them.

Post a link to the .bin flight log hosted on a cloud sharing site (Dropbox, etc.).

I appreciate any possible help