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Motor won't go backward

(Christopher) #1

Hello everyone =) I face a problem I have a boat with 1 engine and a servo for the direction, the diretion is well taken into account in the menu servo output on the channel N ° 1, but when I put throotle that is on the N ° 3 the engine runs at mid revs , what I would like is that the engine is stop at neutra,l forward when I push the handle and vice versa for the back, could you help me accomplish this pls?

Best regards

(David Boulanger) #2

Your question is a little hard to understand but it sounds like the ESC is not set up for forward and reverse.

(Christopher) #3

First thank you for answering me, I’ll be clearer: in “pass trough” no problem the esc goes forward and back but as I attribute the function throotle, it goes into a spin, a configuration idea?

Best regards

(David Boulanger) #4

Can you post a log of this behavior?