Motor will not arm!

Appealing to anyone that knows anything or everything, all help massively appreciated!

I have gone through the setup process many times and the best I have is 2 servos working but not the motor.
MAIN OUT slot 1 and 2 work perfectly (with servos) and even when I have the ESC in either 1 or 2 I can control the motor with roll or pitch input on the transmitter…which makes sense.
However, when i put the ESC wire into MAIN OUT 3 (the throttle port) nothing ever happens even after holding arming button and arming with the RC sticks.
I have calibrated the ESC a few times outside of the Pixhawk but have not been able to calibrate it while all wired into the Pixhawk.
Hope the photos cover all the necessary items.
i think the issue may be the fact that Roll and pitch input are connected, i am trying to separate them on my transmitter but having difficulty
RC = Spektrum DX6e
RUDDER_ONLY = 0 (Disabled)

Messages after trying to arm:

u-blox 1 HW: 00080000 SW: ROM CORE 3.01 (107888)
GPS 1: detected as u-blox at 115200 baud
PX4v3 0041003D 3436510C 32393637
PX4: f84ee497 NuttX: 2f230473
ArduPlane V3.8.4 (e62e40a5)

Log 1 of 2. … cant seem to upload the larger file due to it size but its only 2,000kb when the limit says 4,500kb.

I had the parameters set to log while disarmed.

2 01-01-2000 00-03-02.bin (992 KB)

Google Drive link for all the logs (Not sure if it will work)

Thanks for all replies!

Exact Pixhawk >


I’m no expert log analyzer, but I would suggest that you hook up mission planner via USB (live) to see if the board is even interpreting the arm command from your transmitter. In addition, you can click the arm button in mission planner, and red text on the HUD will tell you why it will not arm. The red text will also flow if there’s an arming problem and the pixhawk correctly interprets the rudder arming signal from your transmitter.

When I looked at the file 2 01-01-2000 00-03-02.bin, you only attempt to arm for about 3 seconds. I personally have had to hold my rudder stick down longer than that.

I’m assuming you’ve read into this, but you may want to turn ARMING_CHECK to 0 to see if it’s a configuration problem. Remember to turn it back to 1 (or whatever you want) before you fly though. If you’re indoors, it’s likely that your GPS doesn’t have a position fix, and that’s just one example of something that will keep you from arming.

Absolutely beautiful. I got the motor armed !!! (Have been at this for months). I went outside and re-calibrated everything twice. I was getting bad AHRS for about 20mins but it went away with a little patience.

Still need to try it on the V-Tail configuration that i want but major major progress has been made.

Thank you!!

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V-tail configuration is now working nicely but the wireless connection setup is now causing me trouble. Not sure if you can shed any light on that?
Continued Thanks!