Can not setup Wireless Communication to pixhawk

I can not seem to connect Banggood’s FPV Radio Telemetry Ground Module to Pixhawk.
I have tried the drivers below where windows 10 says device is working properly but also says that the ‘Device could not be migrated’ (See images).

I have the air module connected via TELEM 1 on the Pixhawk. Both the ground module and air module display a solid green light.
After going around in circles for 6 hours on the web i have gained no progress.

Is this a windows 10 issue or driver issue or both ??
Are there any drivers out there that may work (Could not find any alternatives)

Drivers i have tried (Two different versions):

Error Message after attemping COM7 - 57600

Attempt to connect with lower baud…which just times out after 30sec (Under 32374 from error message above).