Motor Vibrations


Im seting up my copter, and Im putting a lotof attention to the vivbrations. So im measuring each motor vib.

Im getting differents numbers, this is the one it vibes a lot

And this is the most calm

The motors are installed on the drone arms, without props.

I have to concern about this high vibes if I have no props yet?


hi, measurements should be taken during flight and not on workbench without props and usually up to 30 you would probably shall have no problems.

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A brushless motor is a vibrating device.
Think about it’s construction, lots of magnets and lots of poles, being pulsed from one position to the next 490 times a second or more.
With the prop in place you have a natural dampener to that vibration.
Add to that the flex of the arms to either absorb or enhance those vibrations.
So you are not going to have any real idea until it is all constructed and you do a test flight.
As @gnitzan pointed out.
The main thing is to protect your flight controller from as much vibration as you can.

How did you measure those vibrations?
From the mounted flight controller?

@alberto.munizaga you didn’t mention what fc you are using, just a note, if using Cube, fc must not be soft mounted.

Thanks! Yes I know I have to try on the flight and over 30 or 40 can be a problem, but I suppose if the motor vibes without the props, with them will be worst.

Thanks! I have use the Tune graph from MP to measure, as the pictures I have put here. I did the motor test for 30 sesconds for each motor, motors are in place on the Octa, like the next picture.

Pixhawk 2.1 Black Cube, and is not soft mounted.