Motor test problem

I`m using MP, Ardu 4.2.3, while testing the motors, in some spinnings the motors are running in the correct direction and some of them are going on the oposite.
ESC calibration was done.

What could be the problen?


Correct the motor wiring as explained in the documentation.

During several running of tests, sometimes the direction is correct and some incorrect.
I hope i made myself clear…
I attached a link to a video, its easy to see that in the 2 first test the motor is spinning CW while in the third spin, its spinning CCW…

Check the firmware settings on the ESC.
It must not be bi-directional! Ask the ESC manufacturer for support.


How can i check the firmware on the ESC?
The support tells me that it`s closed source…
BTW, i tried to connect each motor directly to the reciver and they all of them are spinning in the correct direction…