Motor test pixhawk

Hello everybody, so I’m trying to do a motor test, at first when i was doing it, I kept getting a message about it my request being denied , I stop getting that message but now when I test it , my buzzer just makes noises ,

Does anyone know would the problem could be and how can I fix it ?


What’s the throttle Percentage you are testing?
Calibrate ESCs before this and try 10 or higher percentage input for tests.
Share .tlog if it still doesn’t work.

Okay i see part of the problem I was using 20% but there is a problem with my ESC calibrations.

When I am trying to do ESC calibrations under the mandatory hardware tab but I keep getting a set param error : AC3.3+ , I’m using Ardurover so my question , is there another way to get around this problem

I don’t believe this function works for Rover or Plane in Mission Planner.

so what should I do about the esc calibrations ?

Use the Transmitter method like most people do anyway. Google"arducopter esc calibration" and click the 1st link for the Wiki.

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okay I’ve seen that , imma try that thanks,
I do have another question that maybe has been confusing me in this process, when I go to rovers wiki page, under motor and servo configurations it does say anything about this process in the "ESC calibrations " sections , it just says go to the “test motors tab” you know why they may be ?

Because there is no mention of ESC calibration in Rover. So what is the real problem you are having?

I guess my problem is that I’m trouble with these ESC calibrations and which method to follow for my rover vehicle .

I’m not using a regular transmitter, i’m using a raspberry pi to generate to ppm signals and manipulate the throttles that way but still haven’t had any luck doing the calibrations for the esc