Motor spinning / sounding strange at 1% throttle

I’m using the Matek f405-SE board with ardupilot for my Quad but when doing a motor test at 1% throttle 2 of my 4 motors are spinning and sounding kinda strange as you can see in this video, I cleaned the motor so it’s probably not because of dirt in the motor, is this caused by bad wiring or are my ESCs / motors broken? The spinning gets better at higher throttle but they still sound weird

Normal. Not many motor/ESC combinations will sync at that low of a speed. I don’t have any that do.

If it’s a noise that sounds like a high pitch beeping it’s okay!

It’s more of a rattle, the bigger problem is that one motor sometimes takes 1 sec longer than the others to recognize that it should spin, pretty sure one esc connection is bad but thanks guys

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When you’re on minimum throttle that’s fine, if you raise the throttle and it doesn’t spin then something is wrong. Try recalibrating the ESC’s and try to takeoff in stabilize, cut the throttle if it tries to flip

When I arm it 3 motors start spinning the 4th one I think wants to start spinning but it first had some hick ups, then it starts spinning but a little bit slower, when holding and tilting it the stabilization also just works for the side with 2 the 2 normal sounding motors. Also the ESCs are dshot600, do I still need to calibrate them?

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Then no, you don’t need calibration I think but anyway, try to take off and see the result, it is normal that one or two motors shake the props on low throttle

I doubt there is any problem. Dshot does not need calibration. Read this:

I changed the cables and soldered the motor wires again and the sound is gone now and all of them spin the same at 1% throttle, the video probably didn’t show how bad it sounded, I wasn’t comfortable to fly with it but now it flies perfectly fine, thanks for the help tho!