Motor spin after disarm

Hello guys,

Im experiencing some troubleshooting with motors.
I use a little F450 drone to make some config tests with Pixhawk and noticed that 2 motors still spinning after the drone is disarmed. They spin for about 4/5 sec after disarm (only the 2 CW motors)

All the rest works fine and i can use the drone without any problem, i just want to understand.
I tried with the lastest 3.6 version and now with the 3.5.5, and nothing change.
I also fully uninstall + restart computer and reinstall MP and drivers = no changes.

Does anyone got an idea ??

Setup :
F450 frame + ESC DJI 420 Lite + DJI 2312E motors
Pixhawk 2.1 Cube + Here GPS

It’s may be an ESC calibration issue. So assuming the ESCs can be calibrated then perhaps try re-calibrating them.

I was also thinking to this, so i made ESC calibration 3 or 4 times, without any changes.
They are maybe not supporting calibration.

So, everything is now back to normal. All motors stop at the same time at disarm.

I just modified the drone setting to make it very responsive and very nervous. I flew the drone like a racer for 20 minutes (fast runs, fast climb, etc…)
After putting back the soft settings, everything works like a charm

Hope it could help someone one day :wink: