Motor sets available from SV!

Forgive me, but I may have ordered a set before posting this. :wink:

But it still shows they are in stock!!


Thank you sir. I now have one set ordered also.

Have you gotten your set yet?

No!! Hasn’t even shipped yet. And they posted a message on the site today
saying “due to so many orders, order processing 8s behind”. So lame

They seriously need to find a way to do this better if the new SVs are promising free replacement parts for a year on the new models.

They are? Yeah, I see that being a Let down. Unless they ! manufacture
massive back stock before they hit shelves. Maybe they actually listen to
us!! :slight_smile:I hope they take a chance and build a new Solo style “pro edition”

I wouldnt mind to much but I waited ages for parts to be in stock then found out they will not deliver to the UK. So wasted my time. If they supplying new sv’s to other countries then they need to deliver parts to more than just US and Canada.

If they were to do it (brushless) , I’d guess it would be the 2019 Ardupilot Stage 3 Pro Edition

Totally agree. They can alleviate some of their supply issues by picking"commonly" available parts you can get in any hobby shop. That would save them on manufacturing costs (by ordering batches for themselves) and would allow them to put links to affiliates where you can get parts. Win/win

WOW!!! I just finally got an email saying my order was “In Processing”

that’s crazy.

Of course we must realize they are in the business to make money, selling new SV’s, kinda like auto manufactures building in obsolescence. GM Chrysler and Ford don’t cater to car enthusiast but AutoZone NAPA and OReilly’s do.

Sure, but they NEVER had parts available.

And oh by the way, I can buy OEM parts at NAPA and O’Reilly’s :wink:

OEM specs but won’t have FORD or GM labeling. :wink:

This goes back to a point I made previously. If they were to use “commonly available” parts they could alleviate some of their supply issues.

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Finally shipped. How about you @Dude?

Yes, got the email yesterday. Wouldn’t do much good if I had them. For the past month it’s rained quite a bit with wind gust even on the few clear days that prohibit any flying. :frowning:

Psst. it’s small. Fly it inside! Chase the cat!

Wanting to distance test with DIY and store bought antenna. Inside I use the M550 TW.

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sigh…i was so unhappy with my M550, but it was probably just issues with mine. it would randomly yaw sometimes even when you were pushing the opposite direction. I don’t know what was wrong with it. I say “was” because I got so tired of playing with it that I just let my 5 year old play with it, and first time I turned my back he had flown it over our fence and who knows where. I find it two weeks later in the neighbor’s yard across 2 streets run over by a lawn mower lol.

I liked my M200 though. It didn’t have the altHold, but still was fun. Maybe I’ll get the “dart”

The TW frame really protects the blades. I think you saw my mod of the M550 FC into the TW frame and 6/15 motors. So much better than stock. But it’s no longer worth the time. There are so many good micros now. Check out the RCSaylors review. $20, AutoHover, super common and removable battery.