Motor Recommendation for a Low Speed Long Range RC Boat

Hey guys,

I just need the missing piece for my project, the thrust system (motor and ESC).

I need some recommendations in low speed/low power consumption motors for a long-range boat.

I’ve seen a very good motor: T200 from BlueRobotics. It seems like a very good motor and it takes 390w at full throttle at 16v. This motor is ideal, as it can be installed without any shaft penetrations under the hull which means I can put it a bit deeper than normal to avoid the weed from the surface.

The only thing is that is a bit pricey (209$ including the ESC) not that is not worthy, but it may be a bit overkill for my project.

At the moment I have 8800mAh at 14.8v

I found it difficult to find a motor with similar characteristics motor.

Would you be able to recommend me some motor specs for this project? I don’t mind installing the motor inside the hull and make a penetration for a shaft. Im more interested in the Wh of them.