Motor off when in Loiter?

I have a plane and when I flip into any “automode” the motor shuts off and the plane will glide down to the ground… For instance in Loiter mode it will try and turn but the motor is of so it descends to the ground. I can’t seem to find in the parameters what I need to do. I am sure it I something simple but I am stumped… Any suggestions???

I can’t answer your question but I’ve moved this discussion to the Plane category. It was appearing on the front page of because it was in the “Blog” category.

If you could upload a dataflash log (a .bin file) that would help us to understand the issue.

Just from your description, it sounds like the thrust works correctly in Manual mode, but not in Loiter.

So maybe your ARSPD_FBW_MAX parameter is set poorly? Maybe THR_MAX? Maybe TRIM_THROTTLE? Very hard to say from just the description you’ve given.

Could you also try various other modes? (FBWA is of interest to me)