Motor Not spinning with The Cube

Please help me! I am going nuts!:grimacing:

I want to use A Raptor V2 with the pixhawk2.1

Straight to the RX the drone is armed and I can spin the motor. But when using the pixhawk2 is read, the problem arise.

Binding is Okay. Using sbus and 40a esc with BEC.
Missionplanner setup looks Okay, it says Armed and Disarmed when using left stick rudder etc.

But it’s Not spinning. I got green light( manual mode)
with arm_check okay

Good day,
did you performe the esc calibration and rc calibration?
Just check ald how did you wire the esc on the pins of the flight controller

Thanx for your reply David,

I checked the following:

  1. BEC from ESC to pixhawk2 channel 3 with black (GND) wire up
  2. ESC manual calibration (min/max)okay with Taranis X9D
  3. ESC automatic calibration in MP not okay (see attachment). System error
  4. flaps on channel 6 also not working, while radio calibration shows all response IN mp
  5. channel order is okay but some reversed (AETR/FM/Flaps)

Next thing I tried is removing the BEC red 5 V from ESC. But now

rudder, elevator or aileron are not responding.

Tommorow I’ll try to use an external BEC on the servo power rail.

Frits2019-01-30 16-17-19.bin (363.1 KB)

looking at your pic it seems there is no enough voltage for power the escs. Just check the correct voltage before use an external bec on the power rail… don’t exceed the maximum voltage.
Did you connect x8r on sbus?

yes I use the X8R…
I checked voltage and put on a 5V-3A BEC.
More things I changed:

-enabled Throttle Passthrough in MP (THR_PASS_STAB)
-enabled flaps in servo menu (servo5)
-then I lowered the lower throttle limit from 1100 to 1033! and then the ESC came a live!

Now throttle is working in Manual and FBWA mode and I can safely arm/disarm it with throttle stick or MP.

Best Regards

IMG_4954 IMG_4953