Motor not spinning issue

Dear sir/madam,
We are facing an issue that our flight controller is armed showing in mission planner software , but our motors are not spinning and also the disarmed error is automaticaly coming after some time.Can you guide us how to overcome this issue?

Without any information about your system and your settings how can others help you.
Provide information which FC using with witch firmware version.
Provide your your PARAMS file.
Provide the .bin Log file.

Dear Sir,
We are using Pixhawk Flight controller in mission planner software Ardupilot fmuv3 version . Here is the parameter file of our flight controller.

drone param list.param (17.1 KB)

What ESCs are you using?
Where are your ESCs connected on the Pixhawk?
Did you calibrate RC and ESCs?
What happens when you test the motors in the Mission planner motor test page?

Do not disable arming checks! (especially not all of them!) They are there to catch mistakes before arming to prevent possible damage and injuries.

Also there’s some calibration missing that should have been done before, like IMU temp cal for example.

I recommend to read and follow the How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter guide. Download the methodic configurator, edit each file in the configurator to suit your copter and write them to the FC one by one as you read along. The guide and configurator tell you what to do at any given time. Do not skip any steps! Anything that might seem like a shortcut will result in a worse tuned copter in the end.