Motor not spinning in guided mode

Hi all, I am currently using Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Mission Planner firmware 4.0.4 rc4. I am following this tutorial on youtube: to configure a dronekit python using Raspberry Pi 4 and Pixhawk.

His script:

However, upon armed - my drone starts to spin to approximately 5 sec and it stopped. After that my RPI ssh then show that the drone is taking off BUT MY MOTORS ARE NOT SPINNING.

Please help me, and let ask me if you need any additional info. Thank you in advance!

Does the copter fly in ALTHOLD mode with a RC controller?
You first need to get that working before you can attempt to play with dronekit.

And you should first get dronekit to work correctly with SITL, before using it on a real copter.

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